Tuesday, October 6, 2009

16 hours...

Sorry for the delay in this post. The last 24 hours have been busy with many ups and downs. I am very happy to report that it has been many more ups than downs. First off, Becky is discharged. That comes with it's own unique set of logistical issues but we were able to get her out of the room and in with Andrew for a significant portion of the day.

Fluid balance has been the focus of the care. At many points I was feeling like I was sitting in the simulation center running the Starling's law lab for the medical students. Heart rate goes up, blood pressure is down... get the blood pressure up and the heart rate comes down... He was just sliding up and down the curve and I was not sure if any progress was really being made. He was really swollen (third spacing) and we were told that surgery could not happen until all the extra fluid he was retaining was gone. The goal was to remove 200 ml of fluid to be in a position where he could tolerate the surgery by 2:00 pm today. His team has done an amazing job and like the other goals we have set for him, he has exceeded expectations.

In 16 hours, Andrew will be taken downstairs to the operating room to take care of his coarctation and narrowing of the aorta. They are planning to look at the diaphragm to assess things for the next surgery. This will be a difficult surgery but we have assembled an amazing team to work through this with Andrew. The 08:30 am surgical slot is the first and only slot filled for that room tomorrow so we expect things will get rolling quickly. The repair is planned for four hours and we will update everyone as soon as we know anything.


  1. Let the miracles continue!! Praying constantly and expectantly. God is faithful.
    Love, Mom

  2. We are praying hard for you guys. Andrew is a fighter and will show those doctor's who's boss!! I know it is hectic, but keep the updates coming so we know what "specifically" to pray for :o)

    BTW, he's GORGEOUS!!

  3. Andrew is THE MAN! I'm so happy to hear he is continuing to exceed their expectations! Our God is an AWESOME GOD!


  4. Praying for you. Andrew is indeed the man and has shown all of us mircles can happen. Give him kisses and hugs for me.

  5. This is very exciting news. Although I know you must be anxious, this surgery will be Andrew's first step toward actual healing. We will be praying for you both, Andrew, and the entire surgical and care team throughout the morning--and we will be praying for a very uneventful recovery as well. Andrew has handled everything thus far with amazing grace and I know the surgery will not break his stride!

    Erica & Doug Marcoux

  6. I am so excited that this is happening so soon! It has to be a sign of good things to come that he has improved enough to go through with this. You guys try to get some rest for a long day tomorrow...
    Robin R.

  7. Andrew's progress is such wonderful news! Our prayers continue for miracles and healing for Andrew. Mommy and Daddy, we are praying for your strength and peace beyond understanding. For the medical team, we are asking for God to guide their minds, hands, and hearts.

    Our Love, Alan & Jeri

  8. Hey buddy - Mo2 here.

    Lifting up your little one even now. His heart will be in the hands of the great physician. Much love to you and your family.


  9. Good Evening:

    So pleased to read that your team was able to
    conclude that Andrew can take his first step!
    Our family will pray throughout this journey for all of you.
    Just breathe! This precious baby is so sweet to
    get his eyes open and look for you.

    We embrace all of you!

  10. Thinking of you and praying for baby Andrew. Stay strong.

    Venus Standard, RN, CNM(c)