Friday, October 23, 2009

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a Rainbow

“Necessity never made a good bargain” -- Benjamin Franklin

Today has been a very good day! We trialed off ECMO for the third time today. Andrew's blood gas results looked great for the full three hours that he was off the pump. His blood pressure was a little low but all in all he looked great. We were even sent out of his room so that they could decannulate and take him off the ECMO. In the end, it was decided that a couple more days on the pump could allow for lower ventilator settings (currently maxed out) giving us some room to move once they take the ECMO away. It is amazing knowing for the first time that Andrew could make it without the device that saved his life just three short weeks ago. We are now using the ECMO to allow for improvement more than needing it to stay alive. The next trial is slated for Saturday.

Because they decided to leave Andrew on ECMO for a couple more days, they decided to completely redo the sutures holding the cannulas in place. The leaks around them that have been plaguing us for the last few days seemed to have stopped.

Andrew is still making urine and his kidney numbers are starting to trend down though there is not much of a change that can be seen yet. We hope tomorrow morning we will see some real improvement.

Andrew's stitches from his chest and abdominal incisions were also removed today as well as the other large pleural chest tube. He did need a smaller tube to replace the bigger one but that is still a huge improvement.

All of these changes this afternoon allowed for Andrew to be moved a little more easily and his team took the opportunity to clean him up. Below is a picture following his bath. During the bath it appeared that the new gel mattress his nurse Amy picked up from the intensive care nursery also seemed to help the red places on his back. We don't want them to form into pressure sores.

Today has been a GREAT day and a rainbow among the dark clouds...


  1. Yay... I am so glad to hear great improvements on Andrew. Will continue praying hard for you love. Btw, Andrew has a very sweet face.


  2. Praise be to God! Thank you, Lord, for good caregivers and superb parents.

    Hooray, Andrew!!! Ready and learning to breathe! Even Andrew's hand is relaxing with loving contact.

    Thrilled for you three!!
    Elizabeth and Larry

  3. So glad to hear the trial offs are going good. Those were always so stressfull for me. Hopefully he will be decanulated soon. This is kind of random information at this point but our son still has stitches that will randomly appear and work their way out of his ECMO scar,(he is almost 4) just something to look forward too. Anyway glad to hear all the improvements.
    Kimberly Burgess

  4. Wooohooo, I have chills reading this! Way to go, Andrew! Rest up little guy!
    Wishing you many more "Rainbow" days ahead!
    Love and prayers,
    P.S. LOVE the hair do! It's GREAT!

  5. Oh my gosh! He looks so much better! They ALMOST took M off like that on the third trial, because he was clamped for so long and his gasses looked great too! But, like those wonderful doctors you have, they wanted to give the vent settings some "room". That is so important for these little ones! He needed the "room" the day after coming off ECMO for a few hours until his lungs figured it out! :)

    It is neat to see how much progress their bodies can make in a few short days, if given the chance. I am SO glad you had a good day. At times, the ups and downs seem unbearable, but you have such a good outlook on it. I know you are proud of Andrew, but he will end up being so proud of you two for being so strong through all this.

    By the way, we spent our FOUR year anniversary in the hospital! :)

    Hugs, L

  6. What great news! Wishing you many more beautiful rainbows! Hugs and kisses.

  7. YAY!! Way to go Andrew!! The picture is ADORABLE!! I love it!!

    Wishing you tons more rainbows! :)

  8. We are ecstatic!! Sending lots of love and prayers. Mom & Tom

  9. Yay!!! You all needed a good day! Hoping and praying for many more good days to come! Sue

  10. Hooray! We're surprised if you don't hear our cheers all the way from Florida! We are thrilled to hear about Andrew's improvements. He is such a little darling! Thanks for taking the time to update us and share pictures. Our prayers continue for you all.

    Love, Alan & Jeri

  11. Thanks be to God! We can't tell you how so very happy we are to hear such wonderful news!! Rainbows were a promise from God ~ sounds like to me that your rainbows yesterday were a miracle from God! And remember, God is still in the miracle business.

    Continue to keep the faith and keep up your strength!

    And btw - Lawren and Alex LOVE the hair!!

    Take care - we wish you continued peace and love~
    Tim, Donna, Alex and Lawren

  12. I've been crying on and off since I heard the news yesterday. I love tears of JOY!!!! Keep 'em comin' Andrew! Thank you God for this precious boy and his amazing parents!

    Love you guys,

  13. I have to say-Andrew is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen on ECMO-and I am not just saying that! I love my Dakota and she is the cutest thing now, but her pictures on ECMO are horrible! Andrew looks like an alert, gorgeous little guy! Congratulations on the good ECMO trial! Can't wait to hear that he is off for good on Saturday!
    Mom to Dakota
    RCDH/ECMO survivor

  14. He looks great guys! Keep hanging in there little fella!

  15. "Tears of Joy", appreciation and thanksgiving are continuing to flow here today as well!
    Praying for a beautiful sunny day for all of you today. Andrew, fantastic job - keep on getting stronger Sweetheart!
    Love you all, mom & dad

  16. Oh, this is wonderful news today, Gene! When patients start to turn the corner, it's my experience that they rarely take a serious turn for the worse again.

  17. He is beautiful!

    Every night when we were leaving the hospital, my husband would say, "All we can do is laugh on the good days and cry on the bad." And that was what got us through.

    You two are so strong and Andrew is proof of that!

    Much love and continued prayers!

  18. Becky and Gene - This is such wonderful news! He looks great, such a cutie! Positive thoughts for Saturday! - Dawn

  19. Thanks for sharing the GREAT news! We continue to pray for all three of you and look forward to meeting Andrew in person in the future!

    Lots of love and hugs!
    David & Tina Rhea

  20. YAY!! Gene & Becky, we are so HAPPY to share in your good 3 are constantly in our thoughts & prayers. Andrew is absolutely gorgeous--it's wonderful to see him feeling better! We'll pray for his little lungs to keep getting stronger for a great day Saturday AND also for his kidneys to keep improving.

  21. WooHoo! Awesome news all around. :-)
    So glad that he continues to do better and better--God is sooo Good!
    He is just sooo adorable and I do believe I can see a little of Becky in him already! :-)
    Hang in there guys!
    Our prayers will continue!

  22. Way to go Andrew! Keep it up little guy. You are one tough little Warrior. You are in our prayers.

  23. Hello to all of you!

    So pleased to hear your great news. I bet Andrew
    enjoyed his "bath". Will continue to pray hard for these improvements. Everyone needs a rainbow
    and my family and I are pleased that you had one now!! Please tell Andrew that we all love him
    and are holding him as well!!
    Please take care and all the best on Sat!!
    Love to all of you!

  24. It's so funny that you mentioned rainbows because I haven't seen a rainbow in months, but have seen 3 rainbows in the last 3 weeks since Andrew was born and every time I have seen one it was while I was thinking about and praying for Andrew. I have taken each rainbow as a sign that Andrew will get better. We are abolutely ecstatic about Andrew's progress and are still sending our love and prayers constantly. He is a very handsome baby and has such deep and wise eyes. I can't wait for him to get bigger so we can learn more about who he is!

    Doug and Erica Marcoux

  25. Glad to hear that you are seeing more rainbows than rainy days!! Here's to many more. Keep up the fight Andrew! The McGuire Family
    ~friends of the Myers family

    P.S. what a cute little fella you have!!! Love that picture!

  26. I am SO glad to hear that Andrew is doing so well! You all (and he) really needed a good break! We pray that tomorrow goes well. How wonderful to get a bath today, and his fauxhawk looks absolutely terrific!

    You all will be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow!



  27. What happy news! I am so encouraged to hear about Andrew's good day. On Wed/Thurs I woke up several times in the middle of the night praying for Andrew and you two. I am thanking God for an encouraging day and praying for many, many more of them!

    Kathryn Apinis

  28. God is good!!! I am so happy for you and your precious little family. Andrew is beautiful. Prayers and hugs, Jane

  29. Wonderful News...
    Keep fighting Andrew
    hugs from down under
    Shaz x

  30. 3 hours off? Amazing!!! Still praying for you guys!