Monday, October 12, 2009

ECMO, surfactant, and lung growth, oh my...

We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome. --Allen, R. C.

Today there is really not that much to report. Andrew spent the day growing more lung tissue. He was given more surfactant today to help the lung tissue he does have expand more.

Since the plan for tomorrow is to try and wean Andrew from ECMO, I thought it might be worth showing everyone the progress he has made.

Day Zero -- Shortly after birth

This first chest film shows a little lung tissue on the right side (left side of the picture) at the base of the lung (darker spot). You can also see the heart was shifted to the right.

Day Eleven -- Today, just after another surfactant dose

The second film shows the lung looking quite a bit better with the heart shifted left. I still don't see any evidence of a left lung and we may not. Also obvious in this second image is the number of tubes and wires Becky talked about in her previous post.

Thanks again for all the support!


  1. Even I can see the difference! Becky knows that is saying a lot :-). It's so exciting to see how our prayers are being answered. We will be praying all day tomorrow that Andrew doesn't even notice the ECMO is gone! Go Andrew!!!!


  2. Keep up the good work growing your right lung!

  3. Prayers for tomorrow, that all will go well with taking Andrew off the ECMO. He is such a strong looking baby,(not to mention being cute also!) and I'm sure he has a fighting spirit. May God bless him, and keep him safe.

    Many Hugs from Dale, in NJ

  4. WOW! Major improvement! It's hard looking at a small image, but is that not some lung tissue in the middle of the L chest cavity? Regardless, way to go Andrew!! We're praying the ECMO weaning goes well and the little guy keeps up the great work!!

  5. He sure has come a long way! We are praying every day, and will be sure to pray that tomorrow goes well with coming off the ECMO. Big hug from all the Wagner's...James

  6. We'll keep praying, too. God has protected Andrew through numerous dangers, while giving him great caregivers at all levels. Not to worry if his left lung doesn't develop fully. Quite a number of people have been born with just one lung who develop into fully capable adults. Little Andrew, I'm sure, will be very active, and will maximize use of all available lung tissue. SCUBA divers/swimmers usually having substantially more liter capacity than life-long land lubbers... whatever Andrew is granted will be maximized fully and beneficially. Our prayers are for growth and vasculature of Andrew's left lung and ease for his transition off ECMO.
    Love, Elizabeth and Larry

  7. My prayers are with you today. Hope all goes well with the weaning. What great progress in such a short time. Andrew is amazing and so is his Mom and Dad. Hugs and kisses. (:

  8. Andrew has come such a long way. Go, Andrew, Go!!! We give thanks to the Lord, and pray that the miracles will continue. Today we pray for more lung development and smooth weaning from ECMO. Of course, we keep you and Becky in our prayers for peace and strength.

    Love, Alan & Jeri

  9. Way to go Andrew!! We think it's because he's a Dukie that he's so strong!! Well, actually, it's just another miracle from God - we will continue our prayers for a smooth weaning off ECMO. God has given Andrew the strength to fight hard, so we are expecting continued growth of his right lung. He is truly adorable. Smile and believe!!
    Peace and love from your friends in Western Maryland - Tim, Donna, Alex and Lawren

  10. You really can see a difference in only 11 days!! Wow that is amazing! I'm so happy things are going so well!!

    Good luck with the weaning of the ECMO!! We will be praying he does great!!

    Stay positive!

  11. Praying for another day of "smooth sailing"!
    Love you all, Mom, Dad & Kat

  12. Way to go Andrew!!!! We'll be praying today go SO smoothly and he kicks the ECMO - you guys are loved and the photos are amazing! Amy Lynn

  13. wonderful! what a great pic!

    continuing my little chats with god...


  14. I check your blog two or three times a day to keep up with Andrew's condition. I pray for the precious baby I see in the picture every time. Prayers go up for strength for his parents too.

  15. I have been following your blog from the beginning. I pray every night that your little CDH warrior will beat this. He is so strong and amazing. Many positive thoughts for the trial off ECMO. Just remeber it may take a few trials before he is ready to come off. Just remain positive and know that Andrew is running the show.

  16. Good Morning:

    Well Andrew you just keep on doing what you are doing!! Will pray for ECMO to be banished!!
    The pictures are something to see and it certainly is great for you as the parents to see these strides!! My family is holding all of you close in thought and we do not mind speaking to
    God as often as we can.
    Sometimes even in the rough times just knowing that someone truly cares how all of you are doing
    can only bring continued hope!!

    Our love to all of you! Have a peaceful day!!

  17. Praying that everything goes well and he is able to get off the ECMO.