Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick Update

Andrew has done really well over the last 24 hours and even surprised the doctors in how well they have been able to wean some of his support! I got to change Andrew's first dirty diaper today- and done like a true parent and not a former PICU nurse- I did it without gloves! :) Gene was able to read him his first book! It is so easy to fall completely in love with this little (or big) boy- we never could have imagined how much he has changed our lives already! We are trying our best to enjoy every moment we have with him and let him know just how very much he is loved and adored!

We can't thank all of you enough for all the comments, prayers and support we have received! We are so tired and wish we could talk with everyone of you, but please understand that we are just wanting to soak in every moment we have with him! As I write this, I am having trouble keeping my eyes open- I completely understand now the exhaustion the new parents have! I'm sure some of it is being anemic as well, having lost so much blood. The good news is that the bleeding is at a very safe level now- which Gene is very relieved about and now we can focus completely on our incredible baby! Will try and most more tomorrow- thanks so much for the prayers and support!


  1. Becky, SO happy to hear it has been a positive 24 hours for both you and Andrew! We'll continue to keep the three of you in our thoughts and prayers. HUGE hugs to you guys!


  2. Gene,
    Brett & I have been following your posts for the past several days, and we just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for you and your family. It's been so long since we've seen you, and you have such a beautiful, strong, family. You, Becky, and baby Andrew are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Amy & Brett Matthews

  3. I knew that boy looked like he was ready for a fight! Go Andrew!!!! Bec, you and Gene are AWESOME parents! You have had the perfect perspective and judgement through this whole thing. I have no doubt he already knows how much he is loved!

    Love you!

  4. Love the new pic of Andrew and absolutely love his hair!!! We are thinking of y'all and praying daily for Andrew. Please let us know if we can do anything. We are right around the corner....

    Love y'all!

  5. Yay for a poopy diaper! We were so happy when we were able to do that. What book did Gene read Andrew? We did that with Nayeli everyday. Take care of yourself. Did they give you any iron sup? I was given some because I lost alot of blood and almost passed out a few times. You are in our prayers to stay healthy for Andrew. Andrew is in our prayers to get stronger each day.
    Psalm 119:148
    My eyes stay open through the watches of the night,
    that I may meditate on your promises

  6. He is truly an incredible little boy with incredible parents. We continue to pray for strength for the 3 of you and knowledge and wisdom for everyone who cares for Andrew. We are so blessed to share this time with you and thrilled that you got to do the diaper change!!
    Love, Mom & Tom

  7. Aww...I LOVE the new picture on your side bar. He is just gorgeous! I can't believe all the hair! :-) You must have had some impressive heartburn!?
    I'm so thankful he's had a good first 24 hours. What a blessed little boy to have such loving parents and people from all over praying for him!
    Fight Andrew, fight!
    Thanks for keeping us posted!

  8. He is adorable! Love his spikes in his picture! Get rest while you can, focus on precious Andrew!

  9. What an adorable little (big) boy!
    Here's you laugh for the day...Andrew is only 2.2lbs less than Jaime who is 24wks old! :) OK, Jaime was a preemie, but still, I think it's kind of funny!
    Becky, hope you're getting the rest you need to recover yourself...I was in your shoes and I know you're not, but please try!
    I wish you all the best! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

  10. Congrats Becky and Gene! Enjoy every moment with the little (big) guy. He is absolutely adorable! Way to go with the diaper, I knew you could do it w/out gloves! Take care of yourselves, so you can take care of him. Thanks for taking the time to update us. We love you guys!

  11. Gene, please know that you, Becky & Andrew are in my family's every thought & prayer. We are sending every ounce of our strength & faith to surround you during every moment of this journey.....keep fighting Andrew....may god bless you all.

    In prayer, love & admiration.
    Sarah Lawless (Duke Nurse Anesthesia Program - Class of 2010)

  12. So glad to hear good news. Sounds like you are enjoying that little one the best ways that you can. I am sure he's loving hearing your voices and feeling your touch (even if it is changing diapers). It's amazing how much the little things mean right now. We have so many people asking about Andrew and praying for him!

  13. Thank you for taking the time to update us! Baby Andrew is amazing. Try to get some rest and we will continue sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

  14. Happy to hear Andrew is having a good day and that you got to due some mommy duties.

    Andrew is in my prayers every day!


  15. Thank you for keeping everyone updated with this blog. Instead of me running to the computer to see what everyone is doing on FB, I am running to the computer to check on Andrew. You and Gene are an inspiration to all of us.....I don't know if I could be as strong as you are being right now. My prayers are will you all!!!

    Wendi Wilkerson

  16. Andrew is soooo cute! Love the hair, too. I'm so glad he's making good progress on day two, and a dirty diaper already...way to go Andrew!
    Love and prayers for all of you.

  17. Glad you are all having a good day! Just wanted to let you know I've been following Andrew's story for a while and praying for him. Continued prayers coming your way!!


  18. What great news to hear that the last 24 hours have been positive! He is adorable--and that hair! He is so styling.
    I'm so glad to hear that you are having quality time with him- and yes Becky changing a dirty diaper with no gloves is quality time. Gene, doesn't it feel good to read that first book? You two are the most amazing parents. Andrew does know he is loved very much.
    Love and many prayers to the three of you.

  19. love the picture!! and am so happy you go to change a poopy diaper and that he has done well!! :) We are praying for him - and you!!!!

    Becky please make sure you get some rest. You need to take care of you too!! I know it's hard, but being in the NICU you need to make sure you stay healthy! :) SO rest! :)

  20. I am so grateful you have started this blog on baby Andrew! Even though I had you for only a short time, it has been a real blessing to get to know your family. Please know my deep heartfelt prayers continue for you and Becky and Andrew.

  21. I am thrilled that Andrew is doing so well...and that he's impressing the doctors! There's nothing wrong with a little brown-nosing. :) I am so happy that you had quality time with him. I will say that I'm proud of you for changing the diaper w/out gloves...I knew it would change once he was here. :) Sending lots of love and continued prayers! Sue

  22. We are praying and sending healing thoughts to your beautiful baby boy. Our son is an ECMO/CDH survivor. These kids put up one heck of a fight and I'm sure Andrew is no different.

    Mom to Jack

  23. We are so happy that Andrew had a great 24 hours. We love you guys! Aunt Katie

  24. Eveyone at DHP waits to hear on Andrews progress. It brings cheers from all the girls. Even Dr Camara checked him out!!!!! First thing he asked yesterday was "how are things in North Carolina". When he saw his picture he said " Whoa what a big boy and look at the hair". He and his wife Lena are also praying!!!! Then he saw the picture of your mom kissing Andrew and asked "is that your sister" and I said yes. He laughed and said "look at all the blondes in your family. I don't know about you guys"
    Much love and continual prayers from Buffalo
    Love Aunt Sandy

  25. Gene,

    Elisa and I are thinking of you and your family. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


  26. Thanks for the blog and the photos of our newest family member. My continued prayers for Andrew and you. Love you, Marilyn

  27. Becky, Andrew is so beautiful. He's a big strong kid and will fight hard, but you guys need to get some rest so you can keep up! My prayers are with you as always. Love D

  28. We continue to keep Andrew in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there.

    Jeff and Julie Tuley, parents to CDH baby Jacob

  29. I think one of the reasons Andrew is here is to teach us. Even those of us not directly involved, who maybe only casually know his parents thru work, are being profoundly affected by his, and their, struggle. We are thinking intensely about issues we don't normally confront; almost constantly aware of a small person, deep in Duke Hospital, fighting for his life. Whatever the outcome (and I am rooting for him always), Andrew has marked all of us who are following every post here. He is personalizing a situation that plays out daily all over the world. Won't it be wonderful when he grows up & learns what an an effect he had on so many people, making them more aware & compassionate & empathetic with the little babies afflicted with CDH....Hang in there, Becky & Gene, you are doing important work. Love, Mary M